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If you live in a home or manage a commercial space that’s designed to welcome guests, you probably have carpet, area rugs, tiles, stones, or hardwood somewhere inside to make up your interior aesthetic and décor. If so, have you ever wondered what you could do to enhance these surfaces and make them last longer? With the help of cleaning experts, you don’t have to do any of the cleaning, just leave the job up to the professionals! Professional carpet cleaners are easily able to help restore and revitalize your carpet and rugs, and with the proper training, Oriental rugs too, and can assist in other areas such as brightening your grout, cleaning your tiles, and refreshing your upholstery!

About Us

Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners have been successfully serving the Santa Fe, NM area for a number of years with a full-service range of carpet cleaning and interior cleaning solutions that keep your indoor space in the cleanest condition possible. We employ a team of highly trained professional cleaning experts who are thoroughly experienced in the field of carpet and interior cleaning. Our team’s skills are so extensive, that we’re able to offer Oriental rug cleaning, stone floor cleaning, and even hardwood floor cleaning. What more could you ask for? Not only that, but all of our cleaning services are available at affordable low costs that’ll have you reaching for the phone to schedule an appointment in no time!


Our Services

Our range of products and services were designed with your carpet cleaning needs in mind. This means that we’ve incorporated a range of carpet cleaning and interior cleaning services that tackle all kinds of indoor fabrics, textiles, and flooring solutions, that would better benefit your home or commercial space, while prolonging the lifespan of your fabrics, textiles, upholstery, and flooring.

Santa Fe NM Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning

Superior carpet cleaning services are available to help revitalize the appearance and texture of your carpet, and to help remove excessive buildup, debris, and allergens that have a tendency to linger beneath the surface and within the carpet’s fibers. Our carpet cleaning services are designed to eliminate heavy stains and restore your carpet to the condition you remember it in!

Santa Fe NM Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning is available for larger interior rugs that serve to decorate and add texture indoors. We also clean Oriental rugs that are imported and made from delicate silks and exotic fabrics. Area rugs that are made from standard carpet fibers can typically be cleaned using traditional carpet cleaning methods, however, Oriental rugs require a much more thorough process as they can easily be damaged if not cared for and cleaned properly. Most oriental rugs made from silk cannot be cleaned with detergents or heavy soaps, while the tassels of oriental rugs must also dried and untangled appropriately.

Santa Fe NM Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Service

​Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery and furniture cleaning can restore the appearance of your interior fabrics and textiles that can’t be washed using laundry detergents or standard cleaning methods. These kinds of surfaces or pieces can include mattresses, curtains, sofas, ottomans, reclining chairs, and even cushions that you have on chairs or your couch. Our upholstery and furniture cleaning is aimed at cleaning the parts of your interiors that can easily accumulate stains yet are more difficult to remove and wash. We also provide assistance on polishing wood pieces, cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your furniture, or brightening intricate furniture that’s covered in dust. 

Santa Fe NM Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning solutions are available to help you take on large workplace spaces with more area to cover and therefore, more surfaces to clean. Whether your commercial space is a multilevel one or a multi-surface one, we’ve got the experience and the team to be versatile in our work when cleaning your commercial space.

Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners NM Tile Grout Stone and Hardwood Cleaning

​Tile, Grout, Stone and ​Hardwood Cleaning

Tile, grout, stone and hardwood cleaning are all approached in the same vein. We use specialized cleaning solutions to help clean these kinds of interior surfaces, whether they be on your backsplash, as part of your bathroom, or making up your kitchen floor. Keeping these kinds of surfaces clean will prevent premature deterioration and maintain their full appearance and beauty.

Santa Fe NM Pet Stain and Odor Removal Service

​Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet stain and odor removal helps regulate your interior smells and stains that are caused by your pets. When you have pets indoors, accidents are bound to happen from time to time, but you can easily manage them with our pet stain and odor removal services. If pets have an accident in the house, it’s crucial that the stain and odor are removed completely to prevent your pet from wanting to return to that same spot and make another mess out of comfort. 

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Ready to learn more about our outstanding carpet cleaning products and services? Then reach out to us today! You can easily contact us directly through the service number we’ve provided on our website or through the contact form found on our all of our pages. On the service number provided, you’ll be able to speak to one of our customer service representatives directly about setting up an appointment or consultation for a carpet cleaning service, or just learning more about how we can help your interiors. If you’d rather write us an email, you can easily do so through the contact form on our page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
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