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Seton Village, a community located about six miles south of Santa Fe, was named after Ernest Thompson Seton, an artist, author, and naturalist. He was best known as one of the founders of the Boys Scouts of America. This village began with a 32-room castle built by the artist on 100 acres of land, which eventually grew to 2,500 acres. Ernest Seton established this village as a residential settlement with educational facilities. It gives way to the Seton Institution, which includes the Woodcraft League youth program and the College of Indian Wisdom.

 The Seton Village attracts a large number of visitors due to its immense contribution to education and culture. You can enjoy the historical view from Seton Castle as well as the town’s other attractions. Restaurants also serve a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Mexican, Caribbean, and others.

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Seton Village has attracted visitors and tourists due to its historical and educational significance. This indicates a need for superior and thorough cleaning services for the area’s residents and businesses. Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners provides dedicated and affordable services throughout Seton Village. We have a solid reputation when it comes to carpet, upholstery, and other interior cleaning needs. Our team works with utmost dedication as we tend to the various cleaning needs of our clients.

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We provide a wide range of interior cleaning services to residents and businesses in the area. We offer carpet cleaning services to help you restore the texture of your carpet as well as remove accumulated stains and dirt. Stain removal, carpet brightening, allergen removal, and dust and dirt removal are all included in this service. Our team also provides area and Oriental rug cleaning services to help you maintain your expensive and well-crafted carpets and rugs. This service specializes in area rug cleaning, carpeted stairs cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, drying, and tassel care.

Try our upholstery and furniture cleaning services if you need someone to take care of your mattresses, curtains, sofas, and cushions. We also provide businesses with commercial cleaning services such as multi-level cleaning, office cleaning, and reducing bacteria and allergens to ensure the health and sanitation of everyone working in your company. Tile cleaning, grout whitening, stone cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning are also services provided by our team.

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No other company offers a more inclusive interior cleaning than we do. Get a free instant quote for our services today! Call us at 505-375-6913.