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Upholstery cleaning is available to help you tackle some of the most challenging surfaces in your home or office. Some of these surfaces can include delicate fabrics and textiles that cannot be washed using traditional detergents or cleaning methods. By attempting to wash your upholstery the same way you would standard laundry, you can actually do more harm than good and potentially ruin your expensive or delicate upholstery even further. Instead, our mastered upholstery cleaning services aim to diminish the need for quick fixes and can remove all kinds of stains and dirt to keep your upholstery in prime condition.


Since mattresses are usually thick and filled with springs, it can be challenging to fully clean them when they’re used consistently or have frequently obtained stains. Removing a stain from the surface of your mattress is possible, but attempting to remove the stain from the insides of it can be more difficult to do with standard cleaners or vacuums. That’s why, we use our enhanced steam cleaning technology to thoroughly suction and remove all kinds of stains and loosen stains from inside the mattress. Do you have another type of mattress, such as a memory foam one? Don’t worry, we can clean those too! In fact, they can be even more challenging to clean because they absorb liquids so quickly, making it difficult to clean them at all with traditional detergents. Instead, our expert methods help ensure your mattresses (of all kinds) are completely cleaned and ready to use for many more years to come.

Curtains can be difficult to clean if your curtains are made from special fabrics, or are creased with designer folds that can be ruined in the wash. Using our steam cleaning methods, we’re able to help clean your curtains, of all fabric types, and remove dirt and dust buildup that’s inevitable when your curtains are shifted near the windows. Since curtains are often exposed to sunlight, they can also be prone to discoloration from intensive UV rays. Save your curtains their integrity and let us take care of the cleaning instead!

Often times, sofas are made from textiles that are slightly more durable than the cotton of your favorite t-shirt, but this doesn’t mean they’re as easy to clean. Most couch textiles are designed to be extremely thick and tightly woven to avoid snagging and quick wear and tear. However, this also means that you’ll need professionals to help you clean them when they do become stained or they accumulate excessive piling. Piling can occur on thicker fabrics and on areas of the couch that are commonly used or touched, appearing as small lint balls that are rough and discolored. Our professional sofa cleaning services help to remove them in bulk and freshen your couch.

Chair cushions are another common upholstery surface that we’re often called to help revitalize. Since your chair cushions are sat on, eaten on, or even serving as patio furniture covers, you probably know that they require more deep cleaning than other surfaces. Like other upholstery cleaning services, we use steam cleaning to extract large and deep amounts of debris and dirt from inside cushions to give your chairs, stools, or other furniture, the best standard of cleanliness possible.