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Savor Moments with Family and Friends in Pecos, NM

Pecos is a proud city in San Miguel County, New Mexico, that is composed of a 1,392 population according to the 2010 census. Because it is just a few minutes away from Santa Fe, Pecos’ population is growing more rapidly than in the other parts of San Miguel County. It is built along the Pecos River and is near the Santa Fe metropolitan area, which is 26 miles to its west.

The village is made up of just 1.7 square miles of land and is home to Pecos Independent Schools, which also serves the Village of Pecos and other areas in western San Miguel County. Some of the beautiful places near Pecos city include the Pecos National Historical Park, Glorieta Pass, Pecos Benedictine Monastery, and the Lisboa Springs Trout Hatchery.

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The Best of Pecos, NM

Pecos National Historical Park

Commemorate the thousand years in history by traveling to Pecos National Historical Park. Within the area, there are hundred-years old structures such as the Pecos Pueblo and the Spanish Mission Church. Whether for archeology or modern rodeos, Pecos National Historical Park is the best getaway!

Pecos National Historical Park Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pecos NM
Pecos Trail Inn Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pecos NM

Pecos Trail Inn

Begin an adventure at Santa Fe Adventure at Pecos Trail Inn. It has all the wonders that there are in Northern New Mexico. It’s best to take an old-school road trip with friends and family and see lots of modern-day attractions along the way. Anyone who loves traveling will delight in this treat 100%.

Pecos River Cabin

Get away for a romantic vacation in the Santa Fe National Forest and on the banks of Pecos River right here in this cozy Pecos River Cabin. Try stargazing and other outdoor activities within this nearly two acres of pristine wooded land. The cabin is approximately 120 years old and was beautifully restored for everyone to stay in anytime. 

Pecos River Cabin Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pecos NM
Pecos Pueblo Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pecos NM

Pecos Pueblo

One of the remaining 19 pueblos of New Mexico that covers up to 89,000 acres of land is known to some people as the “place above the water.” Visitors can view the ruins and other historical spots while walking or riding the famous Santa Fe pedicab.

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