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Known as the “water-gathering place,” Pojoaque is a census-designated place in Santa Fe County
and part of the Santa Fe, New Mexico Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its population is approximately
2,000 based on the 2019 census data.

The city is made up of 2.9 square miles of land, according to the United States Census Bureau. The
Pojoaque Valley School District manages the various schools in the area from kindergarten through
grade 12. Some of those schools are Pojoaque Valley High School, Pojoaque Middle School, Pojoaque
Sixth Grade Academy, among others.

Pojoaque NM Valley High School Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners


What Awaits You in Pojoaque

White Water Rafting

Experience exciting water rafting in the melting snow from Rio Grande. Santa Fe and Taos offer a wonderful opportunity to ride the wild white waters for those who are experts in boating. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure for families and friends to try.

White Water Rafting Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pojoaque NM
Hiking or Walking Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pojoaque NM

Hiking or Walking

Life in Santa Fe is not complete without a hike or a walk in one of its trails. Choose from a number of backyards and gardens leading to the wilderness, whether by walking or hiking, solo or with company.


Visit Seven Directions Sight Seeing Excursions for some educational custom tours of Santa Fe as well as the Southwestern United States. Tourists from Europe, Canada, and the US are welcome to come here and enjoy with the help of tourist guides who can speak English, French, and Italian.

Sightseeing in Pojoaque NM Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners
Fly fishing Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pojoaque NM


Santa Fe’s surrounding is a perfect place for fly fishing for both kids and adults. Nearby locations include Taos, Las Vegas, Pecos, and Red River. However, licenses should be obtained first before trying any of these and pay special fees between $5 and $15 per day.


A 13,000-foot peak of dense aspen and coniferous forests awaits travelers and newcomers to Santa Fe. New Mexico’s brilliant sunlight perfectly matches the altitude and the fluffy snow to make the finest ski and snowboarding spot.

Skiing and Snowboarding Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pojoaque NM

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Both residential and commercial properties will achieve an awe-striking interior appearance with a well-maintained carpet. In order to do this, seek the help of professionals. Professional carpet cleaning services also brings you the following benefits:

  • Restore carpet to its former glory
  • Eliminate carpet stain
  • Safer living environment
  • Avoids soiling from heavy foot traffic
  • Improves the clean feeling indoors
  • Eliminates unwanted odors and mustiness

Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

Avoid the spread of bacteria and germs in your home and business by maintaining clean carpets, tiles, rugs, stone floors, upholstery, and more. Being busy or tired should not hinder you from achieving that neat and attractive look in your interior. Let the experts help you! At Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, we are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to perform this tedious task for you.

Our years of experience precede our reputation of being the top professional carpet cleaning service providers in the Santa Fe area. Experience a professional service that guarantees satisfaction and safety. Our specialized cleaning solutions will help prolong the lifespan of your fabric, tiles, and flooring for more years.

Carpet Cleaning Made Easy Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Pojoaque NM

If you’re ready to get this job done right at first time, let Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners do it. Call us at 505-375-6913