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Tile Grout Stone and Hardwood Cleaning Service Santa Fe NM

If you have tile anywhere in your home, you also likely have a grout material in between the tiles holding them together in place. Like tiles, stones are also held together in place with a cement mixture that can be rough and porous, meaning it requires deep cleaning and thorough maintenance in order to keep it clear of small dirt and dust particles. Hardwood cleaning, though it doesn’t have grout, can still be challenging if you aren’t sure what type of solutions work best to clean the surface of wood without scratching or damaging it.


Tile cleaning is not only helps clean the surface of your tiles, but can prevent them from retaining deep scratches or harsh damages that can lead to breaking or cracking. Since most tiles are made from ceramic, they’re more prone to breaking or cracking with blunt force, or when an engrained scratch eventually worsens and becomes filled with dirt, adding extra weight and eventually causing a tile to crack. We help clean your tiles, regardless of where they are in or around your property, to prevent them from cracking or simply accumulating unnecessary dirt. If your have tile in your patio, as part of your backsplash, or in your bathroom, we can assist with wiping and shining the surface of the tiles, and even cleaning the grout in between them.

Grout whitening is done to not only brighten the appearance of your grout, but also to give it a new and refreshed look. When grout accumulates small particles in its crevices, removing them can be difficult and they can eventually alter the shade of your grout. Once set long enough, dirt and mud or other stains can eventually stain the grout and can be harder to remove from the grout mixture itself, even if particles have been removed from the crevices. Grout whitening helps resolve this problem. By applying a whitening solution to the grout and allowing it to dissolve into the grout, we can wipe the remainder away and leave your grout with a newer and whiter finish that helps your tiles look as if they were just installed!

Stone cleaning is available to help remove the debris that can accumulate on top of your stone structures, and help keep them smooth and clear from dust and dirt. Stone structures are also often molded together using similar grout or mortar mixtures, which can be porous and trap smaller pieces of dirt or dust into their crevices. When this happens, it can alter the shade or appearance of your stones, or cause them to prematurely deteriorate.

Are your hardwood floors prone to scuffs or do they look dirty easily? If so, then you may want to consider our hardwood floor cleaning. Using specialty cleaning solutions such as waxes, glosses, and safe-to-use wood cleaning mixtures, we can easily remove heavy or dried dirt on your hardwood floors’ surface, as well as give it a lasting shine and sheen that will have it looking brand new!