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Start A new it the Beautiful City of Galisteo, NM

Part of the Santa Fe, New Mexico Metropolitan Statistical Area is Galisteo. This quaint town of approximately 300 is located on the Galisteo Creek in the Galisteo Basin. Places surrounding the area are named after the Galisteo Pueblo, which was one of the abandoned Tanoan villages in the basin.

Galisteo is best visited during the months of June, August, and September. The town gets 14 inches of rain and 29 inches of snow per year. It also offers positive employment growth, up 3.1% recently. 

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Enjoying time in Galisteo

Galisteo Creek Stables Trail Riding

Discover a new place for a trail ride along a lovely path in Galisteo Creek, 35 minutes south of Santa Fe. Beautiful scenery abounds and is yours to enjoy each time you visit. The trail flows from the Eastern Highlands down into the Rio Grande. They offer one-on-one lessons on horseback riding for everyone.

Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners - Galisteo, NM Creek Stables Trail Riding
Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, Galisteo, NM Wide Sky Ranch

Wide Sky Ranch

This site is made up of mostly Spanish colonial courtyards and is a unique home that has various vigas and beams, decorated with wood and tile floors, as well as a number of built-in bookcases and cabinets. Special amenities also include tennis courts and swimming pools, together with wide open vistas and mountain views. Wide Sky Ranch is just a few minutes away from Santa Fe’s other tourist attractions.

Allan Houser Sculpture Gardens and Gallery

This 50-acre family-owned parcel of land is in Southern Santa Fe County was built in 1976. Various flowers like Juniper and Chamisa fill the area along with its pretty vistas. Allan Houser created studios and an outdoor garden where he could display his sculptural works from all over the world. Come for a nice tour in the Sculpture Park with a guide via appointment.

Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Allan Houser Sculpture Gardens and Gallery Galisteo, NM

Santa Fe Carpet Cleaner’s Professional Services

To have a carpet on the floor is like having your interior dressed up for all seasons. Your home or business will be ready for a visit anytime. With a properly-maintained carpet as well as tiles and stones, you are sure to make the perfect impression on your visitors and potential customers.

For residential and commercial buildings, the interior look is a great requirement. It’s a way of welcoming visitors to your property without having to say a word or at first glance. Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners know all that. We are experts at keeping things in place and in good condition with our carpet cleaning services.

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Experience professional carpet cleaning service at its best by hiring us. We’ve been a reputable company in this field for decades, and we strive to maintain that image by always providing our customers effective results. Call 505-375-6913 to learn about other services we offer like carpet cleaning, area and oriental rug cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning, commercial cleaning, as well as tile, grout, stone, and hardwood cleaning. We are here to help!