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Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Santa Fe NM

Area and Oriental rug cleaning can help keep your indoor rugs, whether they be decorative ones or even handmade ones, from accumulating dust and debris that can alter their appearance. With our area and Oriental rug cleaning services, we provide expert solutions to remove stains and dirt from all kinds of large-space rugs, as well as imported ones made from delicate and expensive fabrics.


Area rug cleaning can take the stress away from attempting to remove larger rugs in your home or office, especially those that serve as a barrier between your floor and your furniture. Since area rugs are quite large and can be challenging to move on your own, we provide assistance in cleaning them thoroughly and completely without you having to lift a finger. If you have furniture on top of an area rug that has been there for a while, chances are the space beneath them could use a deep cleaning on the rug itself. We have steam cleaning vacuums and hoses of all shapes and sizes that are able to reach deep into the rug, small spaces, and edges, to remove any dust and dirt that’s difficult to see and reach otherwise.

Do you have carpet on your stairs that you aren’t sure how to clean? If taking the vacuum up and down every stair sounds like a mission in itself, then you can enlist our services to take on the challenge. We have vacuums and steam cleaners of all sizes that are easily mobile and can reach various heights and be moved from spot to spot to reach particular spaces, corners, and edges, such as those on a staircase. We provide simple vacuuming but can also steam clean and shampoo or stain remove the carpet on your stairs in the same fashion as we would any other carpet in your home or commercial space.

Oriental rug cleaning is a delicate and intricate process that requires the work of specially-trained professionals. Since most Oriental or imported rugs are made from fabrics such as silk, they cannot be cleaned using the traditional or harsh detergents and stain removers that you’ve picked up from the store to use on other household items. Instead, most stains must be dissolved and removed from silk using warm water to maintain the integrity of the rug and without loosening any of the fibers. Oriental rugs with tassels also need extra attention during drying to ensure the tassels do not become tangled or knotted.

Drying your area rugs and oriental rugs is one of the most important steps of having a rug that’s been fully cleaned. For larger home area rugs that don’t require much more than a standard steam cleaning session, cleaning and drying can often be performed at the home, while the rug will need to dry for a bit soon after. If you have an area rug that’s slightly dirtier or an Oriental rug that needs special care, we’ll recommend taking the rugs to our shop so that we can clean them down inhouse and dry them using our specialty drying tools and techniques. Our space allows us to hang the rugs from a distance so that all moisture is fully evaporated from them to avoid mildew and foul smells from lingering. Tassels are also given attention and adequately untangled and soften in the meantime.