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How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

Santa Fe capet Cleaners, NM - How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take

Cleaning your home includes carpet cleaning, which can be a very tedious task, especially if you’re not trained for it or working without the right tools. Would you rather do it yourself or hire expert carpet cleaners? Remember that a dirty or not properly cleaned carpet can be a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria and insects, which can cause harm to your family.

A neat and well-maintained carpet definitely has a great impact on the overall appeal of your home. Not only that, one important thing you should know to make the best decision for the cleaning of your carpet is to be aware of the time it takes to do so. Read on to learn more.

Factors Affecting The Time for Carpet Cleaning

Condition of the carpet

Condition of the Carpet - Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, NM

Expectedly, a carpet that has very light soiling or dirt on it requires less time for cleaning. A little bit of refreshing is possibly all that necessary. However, if the carpet has dirt or stains, and if your carpet hasn’t had a deep cleaning in years, more time is needed to have it cleaned from top to bottom.

Also, old and new stains require specially made products for them to be pre-treated and easily removed. This will be done before the actual cleaning. Trying out some DIY carpet cleaners to get this done faster doesn’t work and will only increase the time spent on the carpet cleaning task. Worst, doing this may just cause damage to the carpet’s fabric.

Size of the carpet

Size of the Carpet - Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, NM

Large carpets are obviously harder to clean, and if you have one for each room in the house, like the living room and bedrooms, you’ll need some help from the experts. An additional 10 to 15 minutes may be added to the average cleaning time in such a case.

Type of carpet to clean

Type of Carpet to Clean - Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, NM

One way to find out if you will be successful in cleaning your carpet is to base it on the type of carpet or the material it is made of. Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are the two processes to choose from in carpet cleaning. Only one of these methods will effectively work on a specific material to ensure no bacteria or insects are left breeding in your carpet. However, the length of time you spend on those methods is usually the same because you also need to let your carpet dry for a while after steaming. The drying time often takes 3 to 6 hours.

Things To Remember After A Carpet Cleaning Service

Things To Remember After A Carpet Cleaning Service - Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, NM

After the cleaning process, your carpet is sure to look attractive again, inviting you to step on it again. However, the important rule of not laying your feet on it for a certain period of time must be followed. Your carpet needs time to dry, particularly after hot water extraction or the steam cleaning process.

Yet, if your carpets remain wet for a long time, unwanted things like unpleasant smells or bacteria may also start to appear. That is why letting your carpet dry without anyone stepping on it is a must. How can you fast-track the drying process? Find out below.

Ways to Speed Up the Drying of Your Carpet

Ways to Speed Up the Drying of Your Carpet - Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, NM

Waiting for your carpet to become clean and dry again may be a hassle for your family. Here are some ideas you may consider to facilitate the process and use your carpet sooner.

1. Keep your doors and windows open.

This way, the air from outside can freely flow in and out into your home and within the fibers of your carpet. Ventilation is a key to drying anything, including your carpet.

2. Move furniture that covers your carpet.

Moving your sofas, chairs, cabinets, and other furniture out of the way from where your carpet is will be very helpful, too. Better airflow can be achieved this way.

3. Use stand fans to blow dry it.

The air flowing from outside combined with the air coming from a stand fan will become a good source of ventilation and a faster drying up for your carpets.

4. Use a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier, as the name it connotes, keeps the moisture level down, thus, making the drying process faster.

Professional Carpet Cleaners to the Rescue!

Professional Carpet Cleaners to the Rescue - Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, NM

It is no use doing a task as tiring as carpet cleaning on your own. There is always a dependable team of professional carpet cleaners near you that you can call for help. Let Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners assist you in removing even the oldest and the largest stain on your rug or carpet. We offer full-service carpet cleaning and interior cleaning solutions to achieve the cleanest condition for your home or office.

Effective carpet cleaning services in Santa Fe, NM is always our goal. Our experts’ extensive skills include services like Oriental rug cleaning, stone floor cleaning, as well as hardwood floor cleaning. All these services and more are yours for a very affordable rate that no other carpet cleaning companies in Santa Fe area can offer. Feel free to contact us at 505-375-6913 anytime. Let us restore your carpet for you!

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