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How Often Does My Oriental or Persian Rug Need to be Cleaned?

You may have waited too long to have your rug professionally cleaned. Did you know that regular vacuuming won’t eliminate all the dirt? Yes, vacuuming may be the best way to keep your Persian rug in good condition but there is surely more that you can do.


You will need to have your rugs professionally cleaned now and then to remove any trapped soil. But how often does “now and then” really means? This article will help you decide:

How Often Should Oriental Rugs Be Cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning Oriental rugs differs depending on usage. Typically, such rugs should be cleaned thoroughly once a year. To maintain the beauty and charm of your Persian rugs, only the best cleaning techniques should be applied. However, if the carpet is set in an area that undergoes heavy foot traffic, it is advised to clean them every six months. 


If you rub the rug’s fibers with your hand for a couple of seconds and see dust flying, this is a clear sign that the rug needs immediate cleaning. Don’t postpone cleaning if you notice such a sign. The heap of dust and dirt can hinder the ability to clear all the contaminants, reducing the effectiveness of each future cleaning.

Why shouldn’t I wait for your rugs to look dirty before cleaning them?

Kashan rugs can withstand foot traffic for years without looking dirty. Aesthetically, this is an advantage, but this also means hidden soil, pollutants, dust mites, pollen, and other contaminants deep in its footing. On the other hand, hand-knotted rugs are also masters at concealing dirt and soil. This is why you can’t determine whether your rug is dirty by visually assessing it.

Can I Clean My Oriental Rug Myself?

Sure, you can. However, it’s essential to take proper precautions. The vibrant colors in your oriental rug may not be colorfast, so do a quick patch test before applying a product the first time. Before cleaning your rug, always read the label or get professional advice.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean an 8×10 Oriental Rug?

The cost of cleaning an oriental rug varies; however, it is usually more expensive than cleaning a synthetic rug. It can cost anything from $2 to $7 per square foot, which means you might spend as little as $150 or as much as $600.

How Do I Maintain the Quality of My Oriental Rug?

  • As much as possible, keep your rug out of direct sunlight. Rugs can fade quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. Rotating your rug can help, but the best option is to keep the sun off it as much as possible.
  • Use padding below your rug to help it maintain its form and structure. Padding keeps the rug in place and prevents wrinkles, which might be the start of damage.
  • Preserving the quality and appearance of your Oriental rug usually goes past regular cleaning. 
  • Rotate them regularly. By evenly distributing wear and tear, rotating your rugs avoids damage and keeps them looking fresh.

You’ll have to decide how vital it is to you to keep your rug in good shape. If you don’t have pets and you vacuum rugs regularly, you should be able to get a long life out of your rug by having it professionally cleaned every 1–2 years.

Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners provides experienced hand rug cleaning services for all types of rugs, including new and antique rugs and rugs made of silk, wool, and man-made materials. Our team is experts when it comes to cleaning Oriental rugs. You can be confident that your rug is in good hands with us.


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