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How Often Should I Have Upholstery Professionally Cleaned?

A home with an organized interior gives an inviting ambiance. But a clean upholstery boosts the aesthetic and functionality of the place. Let’s face it, homeowners invest so much on upholstered furniture but only a handful invest in upholstery cleaning. Dirt and grit are harmful elements that can cause an aged and worn appearance to your upholstery. Cleaning your furniture maintains its texture, color, and overall appearance.

Why is it necessary to take care of your upholstery?

  • Saves you money. If you invest in cleaning your furniture, it improves its lifespan. Hence, it keeps you from having to replace it frequently. 
  • Keeps it comfortable and relaxed. Imagine yourself lying on a worn-out sofa. No matter how tired you are, your body can’t relax. But a clean and well-maintained sofa is so comfortable you’ll have no problem unwinding and dozing off.
  • Clears away allergens and bacteria. Regular cleaning of the upholstery also improves the quality of air within your home. It prevents mold, mildew, and any allergens. The soft furnishings can be the breeding place for bacteria, dirt, and pathogens that can pose health problems.
  • Removes any unpleasant odors. Fabric sofa upholstery and carpets are prone to odor absorption. Pets and spills are also culprits for these foul odors. If you don’t want your visitors to be discouraged from visiting your home, then your upholstery must be cleaned to remove all unpleasant smells.
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How often should upholstery be cleaned?

A typical household frequently uses chairs, couches, and other upholstered furniture. They absorb dust, dirt, oils, spillages, fur, allergens, and other bacteria daily. According to professionals, it’s safe to have your upholstery cleaned once a year. However, if you have young children at home, pets, or tend to have lots of visitors, consider cleaning three to four times a year.

There are simple tests to check if your furniture needs cleaning:

  • Take a clean, white cloth and rub it over at the back of your sofa and armchair. If it is color grey and smudged, then it’s time to have your furniture steam cleaned.
  • Rubber band a piece of black cloth over the end of the vacuum cleaner hose, and run it over the upholstered furniture. If white debris is collected, this means there is excess dust or dirt.

Upholstery cleaning is not an easy job. If you are uncertain of the cleaning process, hiring a professional cleaner is a wise decision. Why? Because they have the experience which means they will do a much better job. They also have the right tools.

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