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Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners - How To DIY Fabric Clean

Dirty furniture is inevitable. It’s just a fact of life. Pets, kids, dusty environments, and day-to-day activity contribute to your furniture becoming filthy. However, dirty furniture can be unsightly. Therefore, it may be necessary to apply a little tender loving care to get it back to peak condition. You can hire a professional upholstery cleaner or get the tools and do it yourself. Follow these instructions to clean your furniture with ease.

  1. As soon as a spill happens, try to clean it up promptly. Waiting too long to treat a stain – even for a matter of minutes – can cause the stain to set, making it more difficult to remove.
  2. Check the sofa’s tag for the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Failing to use the right cleaning chemicals could mean lasting devastation to upholstery.
  3. Check the cleaning codes for your sofa.
  4. Remove loose particles with a dry brush. Brush all surfaces of the couch with a stiff brush with natural bristles.
  5. To make it easier to remove crumbs and loose particles from your fabric sofa, use a hand-held vacuum to remove them.
  6. Sprinkling baking soda on the couch will help remove odors and further loosen stains. You can also use a homemade baking soda solution for any areas of deep-set stains; mix equal parts baking soda and water in a bowl. If using the dry or wet solution, allow the baking soda to sit for 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming it up with the brush attachment. And as with any cleaning solution, spot-test a portion of the sofa before completing the cleaning.
  7. If you are uncertain whether a cleaning product meets the recommendations, test a small area using a sponge or a soft cloth before proceeding. Follow the instructions on the packaging. If it is stated that it is safe, wipe away the solution using a soft cloth. 
  8. Remove any remaining cleaning solution from your fabric sofa with a soft towel. Pat any wet areas dry with another towel. Let the upholstery air dry overnight, and you’ll have a fresh sofa in the AM!
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How to Clean Furniture With A Steam Cleaner 

You will only need an upholstery steam cleaner. However, make sure to double-check that the manufacturer’s directions state it is safe to use on a fabric couch. Remember that just because your couch is water-safe doesn’t mean it’s safe from the heat. Always test a small area on your sofa before diving in.

The Process:

There’s a reason steam cleaners come with instructions. Please read them before starting.

  1. Vacuuming your couch will make it a total breeze to clean. Any dirt, dust, or other loose particles will stay out of the way so that your steam cleaner has a clear canvas to work.
  2. Open all the windows in the room, and turn on a fan to keep the air circulating correctly, preventing humidity accumulation and residue.
  3. Keep the windows open for the sofa to fully dry, as it may take a few days to dry thoroughly. Please don’t sit on the couch while it is still wet. Keep the sofa untouched until it is 100% dry.
  4. Once you have steamed, vacuum again. This will ensure that any dirt that is loosened by the cleaner gets cleared. Just remember to wait until the couch is fully dry first.

However, sometimes you don’t have the time or desire to clean your furniture. Or other times, your furniture is too valuable to not leave in the hands of a professional. Therefore, consider hiring a professional to do the dirty work, quite literally.

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