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Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners - Importance Of a Clean Home

The holidays were a busy time of year, and now you want your home safe and pristine for the new year! Dusty decorations, trees, and GERMS! A professional cleaning will leave your home healthier and cleaner.

Importance of Getting Carpet Cleaned

The most important reason is to prevent dangerous germs and/or allergies. If you have kids, pets or elderly at home it is imperative that the carpets are deep cleaned because they are at a higher risk.
Another important reason is it will extend the life of your carpet and give it more durability. We can apply a protector that helps in the prevention of damage from harmful dirt, spills, and other nuisances. It even reduces static electricity. Our carpet protector also defends against everyday depreciation like foot traffic and vacuuming.
And let’s get rid of odors. We can deodorize your carpet or furniture to get rid of any spills from kids or odors left from pets. We do not just mask the smell, we remove it entirely from the source to make sure it goes away for good. This will leave your home smelling fresh and clean with all of your carpets and furniture smelling brand new.

Why Professionally Cleaned?

We extract dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpet using a safe, efficient and effective method that doesn’t leave a residue. Our method is guaranteed to be safer and cleaner than a non-professional method and we guarantee our services.

We Work for You

We will work around you and meet your high standards as well as work around your busy schedule. As the customer, you can choose everything, from the odors you want to be removed, the fragrance you want in your home, and the specific areas that you want clean. Consultation is suggested but not required. Let us educate you on the safe and effective methods that are required to keep your home beautiful and SAFE.

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