Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Stains and Urine Smell?

Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners - Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Stains and Urine Smell

Maybe you’ve tried to clean your carpet on your own using DIY solutions that did not work just as hoped. While other odors may be easy to treat and remove, pet stains and urine smell are significantly tougher to get out and thus requires professional carpet cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaners know the right products, procedures, and techniques to solve the problem. So even though you may think that DIY carpet cleaning can address the problem, you might need to hire the best carpet cleaner for pet stains and urine smell. 


How Do Professionals Remove Pet Stains and Urine Smell From Carpets?

Let’s face it. Carpets add a sophisticated touch to the interior beauty of your house. And if you’re the type of person who likes to have people over, a dirty and smelly carpet is definitely not a good sight to see, let alone smell. So how exactly do professionals treat this problem?


Identifying Pet Stains in Carpet 

This can be done several ways such as, spotting the stains with the naked eye, or by blue light, or by flipping the carpet over where the stain is more visible. When there is a stain, especially from pets, it is more likely that it also has a terrible smell.


Treating Less Severe Stains and Smell 

A professional-grade treatment can be applied to stains that are not too severe. This breaks down the pet urine and makes it easy to extract it. This, however, is only applicable to stains that are small in size and have not seeped through the carpet pad that much. If this doesn’t solve it still, advanced treatment is maybe needed. 


Advanced Treatment for Pet Urine

This technique in removing pet urine is more serious and is done in a larger scope. This is also referred to as “flooding,” where a bucket of saturated pet urine neutralizer is applied to the carpet pad. 

The solution breaks down the urine from the carpet pad, and after 30 minutes or so, it is easier now to pull out the stain and clean it. Flooding is generally advisable to carpet pads that have absorbed so much urine because the pad acts as a sponge that easily sucks up moisture. However, flooding can only do so much and works best for small stained areas.

Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners - Replacement of Carpet Pad

Replacement of Carpet Pad

If the stain is so severe that no basic or advanced treatment can fix it, maybe you need to replace the carpet pad instead. Just as mentioned, a carpet pad soaks up liquids easily, and sometimes it’s too difficult to remove it anymore. 

When flooding is needed more than once or twice, it’s best to replace the carpet pad instead. In this case, the owner can save more money instead of spending on repetitive flooding treatment. But then again, you won’t know on your own that the carpet pad needs replacement, so you should consult the best carpet cleaner for pet urine. 

As you can see, carpet cleaning is much more complicated and taxing than we think it is. The work is vigorous, and doing it yourself using DIY solutions may not cut it. Therefore, professional carpet cleaning services should come in handy. It may be more costly, but it’s better than leaving it upon someone else’s amateur hands and knowledge. 



Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners have successfully served homeowners in the New Mexico area and its neighboring states with excellent carpet cleaning services. We make sure that your home is not only looking great but also smelling great. 

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